On the Issues

Conservative Values

Dave Craven is a life-long conservative who will fight for limited government, fiscal responsibility, free markets, the Second Amendment, and the Right to Life. These are the values that have informed his life and will guide service in the State Senate.

Jobs & Economic Development

As a member of the Economic Development Partnership of North Carolina since 2016, Craven understands the importance in bringing economic development projects to help expand the local economy and support our community.


Dave Craven supports the efforts made by the Republican led General Assembly over the past decade to increase teacher pay to the highest in the Southeast. Craven also supports Opportunity Scholarships and believes that everyone has the right to a good education no matter their background.

First ResponDers

Craven supports our first responders and understands how important they are to keeping our community safe and healthy. Dave will never vote to defund the Police and will support our law enforcement.

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